lonelylibertine (lonelylibertine) wrote in tori_au2009,

Adelaide gig

Hi all. 
Thought I would post up the amazing set list from Tori's gig in Adelaide last night.

We got Pip (which is awesome, but the only other gig i went to was the 1st Sydney show - which was Pip also) and an amazing set from Tori. There was also a M&G. Tori arrived at the theatre around 2pm, came outside around 3pm and was out there for an hour. She saw everyone that was there (probably around 50 people by the time she was done).

Act I (Pip)
Fat Slut
Smokey Joe
Body & Soul
Professional Widow

Act II
Big Wheel
Springtime of his Voodoo
Tori Introduces Band & Greets Audience
Cornflake Girl
Putting the Damage On
T & BO (solo piano section)
Me and a Gun
(Band Returns)
1000 Oceans
Code Red

1st Set of Encores
Precious Things
Bouncing Off Clouds

2nd Set of Encores
Hey Jupiter
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Act I is exactly the same as Sydney on the 14th. Do you think she has a particularly set list made up for each doll to make it easier for the other band members?


September 21 2007, 07:19:42 UTC 10 years ago

yeah perhaps she does. And we were a little worried at the start that the whole gig would be the same as the sydney 14th sept. Has she doubled up on any other characters yet? She must have, were their sets the same?
btw sorry that was me, i forgot i had logged out haha.
I'm guessing she would have to have been a few of them more than once since there's only four of them =P

The second part of the set you've listed here is completely different though, so I'm guessing it was still quite different. I would have loved to go to a second show, but I admit, I would have been slightly disappointed if I got the same doll both times.
yeah, sorry i meant on this aussie leg haha. I havent seen all of the setlists so i wasnt sure who she has been.

The Tori part of the gig was fantastic, and we were slightly disappointed by getting the same character, but Pip is so energetic that you cant really by upset :)
Heh, I was talking about just in Australia too.

Pip is my favourite one, so it was super exciting when she ended up being the doll I got to see.
i was there! pip was amazing, i'm so happy she came out as her.

Deleted comment

ahh perhaps I missed that when I was copying it off the list, or maybe she added an extra song :)
I am so very very veryyyyy jealous about In The Springtime of his Voodoo ;P
me too :'(