hopeless wanderer (gunshotbeauty) wrote in tori_au2009,
hopeless wanderer

does anyone have the setlist to the canberra show?
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Act I – Clyde

* Bouncing off Clouds
* Little Earthquakes
* Juarez
* Rattlesnakes
* Beauty of Speed


* Professional Widow

Act II – Tori

* Big Wheel
* Space Dog (w/ the Andromeda interlude)
* Pancake
* Cornflake Girl
* Lust
* Take to the Sky

T & Bö

* China
* Me and a Gun
* Here in my Head

Band Returns

* Digital Ghost
* Black Dove
* Code Red

First Encore

* Precious Things
* Secret Spell

Second Encore

* Hey Jupiter
thank you so much!
Was it completely awesome?
oh lordy me yes :D
eeeeee!!! :D

Did you buy anything? What were the merch prices like?
i was very restrained and only bought one tshirt, the teenage hustling 'i don't mind a dirty girl' one.. you can see it here.
tshirts were $40, tour books were $25 and badges were $10.

ps. i took some pretty good videos from the show, which i'll eventually upload and post to my lj, in case you're interested :) she was totally ON FIRE. awesome awesome.
oh, and the only tshirts they had were the teenage hustling, the mr bad man, and i think two kind of generic american doll posse ones. they didn't have the others shown there, or the mugs or scarves or anything.
Ah yes i'll watch the videos :D

The t-shirts are really cool. I def need one since my Beekeeper shirt has gone all weird at the neck. It's shame about the other stuff, i really wanted a mug.
OH GOD Lizzi! that's a completely awesome list - i would have loved to have heard HIMH. :D Wouldn't trade my show though, there were more of my favourites in it... But Digital Ghost! And Black Dove. Whee!
i think it was the best setlist so far.
just amazing.