molkoknees (molkoknees) wrote in tori_au2009,

My name is Paul - I'm quite slack with regards to posting and things - I've been meaning to join ever since the announcement of ADP in Aus. So, yeah, I'm in Brisbane, and I'm going to see Tori yay - but in my excitement I bought 2 too many tickets for the gig - actually I bought 2 on presale and ended up with 2 better seats in the general sale, strange I thought, but I have two tickets to spare for Sep 22 gig in Brisbane - very good seats --> Section 15, Row C, seats 46 & 47. Quite a really good viewing position actually. Anyway, I'm selling the tickets for $75 each - price is negotiable as I know the few remaining tickets are dramatically reduced, but these are quite great seats still, whereas the ones on sale really aren't.

Also, is there any news on the meet and greet????

Thanks heaps, hope it's ok to post this here.

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