muffin pants (scarydan) wrote in tori_au2009,
muffin pants

Have fun everybody! I live in London now, so I'll miss all the Aussie fun, but I have seen her over here and y'all are in for a TREAT. I wish I was there!
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oooh, London! Which part of London are you living in? I was in Mile End when I was living there last year. I'm so excited to see her perform! :)
so you went to the london show on 3rd july? i downloaded the bootleg and it is such a great show! lucky you.
Ah, there's a bootleg! Where can I get it from! That was an AMAZING show, yes. Spring Haze alone was awesome, and then followed by China, Cool On Your Island and Yes Anastasia? HOT!
Me too, please! I would love to know where to find this bootleg. I've just come home from her first Melbourne show :)
well that explains that then - no chance of catching up with you!
I know, bummer! I'm sat at work reading setlists and just thinking how much I want to be at home right now, just to go to shows and see everyone again!