Katie (mazurkas) wrote in tori_au2009,

There seems to be a significant lack of building excitement around here.
The tour starts in about two weeks! I can't wait to see her solo (/in general).

Discuss the upcoming tour itp.
What shows are you going to? What songs are you hoping she'll play? etc ...
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I am going to both Sydney shows, Adelaide and Brisbane and kisstheviolets is coming to three of those with me. <3 Got good seats to all shows too--2nd row, 4th row, 3rd row and 10th row. Can't wait!
i'm only going to the adelaide show, 3rd row. very excited!!
i want her to play cooling.
I'll be at all except Perth. Should be fun! I'm hanging out for "Police Me".
Flying up from Canberra to see the Brissie show with a good friend - 3rd row, am uber excited!
I'm going to the Sydney Opera House, 16th & 17th of November.

Although it seems hardly likely, I'd like to hear her version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" ...so powerful and yet different to Nirvana... just her and her piano. There's a few other songs like "Take to the Sky" and "Siren" That I usually hope for, but haven't thought much of this time. From the new album, I would like "Fast Horse" and "Strong Black Vine" though they might lack something without the percussion/drumming. "Police Me" is great too.
We got Smells Like Teen Spirit and Take To The Sky......i'm one happy ears with feet.